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My Transport - Mum & dad got me a brand new Puch 2-speed for my 16th birthday - it set me free. There are key dates in a life and for me the day I got my own (powered) transport was a big one. My social life, girlfriend, mates, band, pub etc were all now in easy range of my bright orange Puch. And before I knew it, there was a small fleet of us on our various Puch models, interspersed with the odd Yamaha FS1E and other manufacturer's offerings.

Next step in the food chain was a car - Dad splashed 100 quid on my 18th for my first car and it was go go go. A rusty old banger, but it was great and off I went, whenever and wherever I wanted.

Puch 2-speed

My First Car

Ford Anglia Estate - classic front view

14/10/12 - I'd cycled out with our Sunday Club Run to watch the Catford Hill Climb, which is the oldest continuing cycle race in the world. It goes back to 1886 and, with the exception of the war years, has been run ever since.

I found this fine example of a Ford Anglia Estate in the race control car park and got Peter Price to snap me with it. You still see quite a few Anglia Saloons about, but the estate model is very rare and this is the first one I'd seen in many a year. I had a dark blue version as my first car and I wrote it off in a head-on collision going into the Crown Point pub car park at Ightham in Kent in 1977. There were seven of us in the car at the time and there was no passenger seat (don't ask why!), so he was sitting on the floor and told me after the crash that he'd never go in a car with me again, and he didn't.

Ford Anglia Estate - side view Ford Anglia Estate - rear view
I've know idea how seven people got inside such a small car for a pub crawl? Bloody irresponsible youth I say. The car I bumped into and also wrote off was a brand new metalic brown Austin Allegro! Guess who got a couple of endorsements? Oh happy days.

The only pic I have of me sitting on my Ford Anglia Estate
The only photo I have of me (sitting on the roof!) and my Ford Anglia Estate
Next up I got this splendid Wolsey 16/60 with leather seats Wolsey upgrade to the 18/85 and my first behind the wheel experience at 100mph
The beautiful Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.3
Wolsey 16/60 - After trashing the Anglia, my available cash was rather limited as I went in search of some new wheels. I found a purple Wolsey 16/60 in the Sevenoaks Chronicle for £110. Adding a (then) cutting edge auto-reverse cassette deck, I was back on the road with sounds. I remember Steely Dan circulating on a never ending loop. The Wolsey also doubled as the band transporter

Wolsey 18/85 - In 1978 I headed off to live independently (ie I left home, because mum & dad moved to France) in Ealing and I upgraded my Wolsey to the 18/85 model, which gave me my first 100mph driving experience.

Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.3 - One day whilst walking through Ealing Broadway, I passed a car salesroom and saw a little red sports car in the window that blew me away. I didn't know anything about Lancia and had never seen a Fulvia before, but I had to have one, and after looking at about five or six I found a perfect (within my budget) example. This was to be the beginning of my interest in all things Lancia, including their amazing exploits on the world's motor racing stage.

We take the car for granted, but for me my moped and first cars brought real liberation, freedom & fun.

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