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1977 Silver Jubilee - 2012's double Bank Holiday, Diamond Jubilee celebrations passed me by, as did the Golden Jubilee back in 2002. But it did remind me of 1977 and a fun day out in the Smoke with my mates on Silver Jubilee day.

We drove up from Sevenoaks in my old Ford Anglia. Who lived here in 1977? I'm the one in the hat. I'll let the photos and captions tell the story.

Who lived here in 1977?

Oy lads, look what I've found
Now what can we do with these?
Come on, we can all get on this lion
Check out the view from up here
Ok, we're going down
Sorry officer, I didn't know we couldn't go up the ladder
What next then?
Let's hide these and see if they find it funny

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